Thank you for your patience during our server move. The domains are all now running on a newer server, up-to-date operating system and with stricter security measures in place. If you feel your domain (only if it is hosted by us) is not behaving as it should, please do get in contact ASAP and we will sort things out quickly. Enjoy faster and more secure hosting once again; and remember, we don't send out automated emails about running out of space - we do that in person!

NB: If you use the gmail app on your phone to access email, please ensure you specify as the servers and not just They have different SSL certificates and the app will complain repeatedly!

It is a sad time we live in where people take advantage of times like this (Covid-19 Pandemic) to send out even more emails to try and con people out of their money! Please be assured Webspider Dot Org does not send out unsolicited emails about running out of space, email password reminders etc. We will personally contact you if things go South for any reason! If you get any random emails, DON'T click on links and DON'T reply to them. We are here to keep you safe. -DJ

The server has had essential updates applied (which meant a reboot) and certificates have been updated for all the sites, mail, etc. Making sure we all continue to have a secure server at the heart of our family ;-)